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Oil Spots in Asphalt Parking Lots and How to Repair

We have had several customers ask this question regarding protecting their asphalt surface. What do you do to fix the oil spot damage to asphalt in parking stalls? The answer to the question really depends upon the extent of the asphalt damage. Some options may not be available...

Asphalt Overlay, Crackseal & Sealcoat Repair at La Mirada Industrial Facility

A few weeks ago we got a call from a from a facility manager in La Mirada. He wanted to make repairs to the property the company was leasing but they did not want spend and arm and a leg to get the work done. We prepared several options for the client. The first option was a long...

Slurry Sealing the Best Investment for Your Asphalt Road Surfaces

Slurry Seals – What and Why The slurry seal is a thin surface treatment that does not add any structural capacity to the existing pavement. It is applied as a maintenance treatment to improve the functional characteristics of the pavement surface; i.e., the ride quality...

Camping World Gets Sealcoated in La Mirada

PA110184, originally uploaded by CenturyPaving. A few weeks ago we got a call from a local business in La Mirada, Camping World, that needed to sealcoat their parking lot. We had our salesman meet the client and discuss how and when they were considering the sealcoating job. We...