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Asphalt Pavement Association of California Launches Facebook Fan Page

By January 18, 2011APACA

The Asphalt Pavement Association of California recently launched its Facebook page and Twitter Accounts.

The APA of California is a statewide association with offices in Laguna Hills and Sacramento. The Association has active committees that address political, regulatory, technical and business issues of concern to the industry. The trade association also has active efforts involved in education and training for the benefit of the industry.Mission:
● Encourage and promote the use of asphalt concrete as a cost effective material
● Provide for the effective input and dissemination of information to and from the membership
● Furnish members counsel and advice on all phases of asphalt construction
● Participate and influence the effective and practical promulgation of specifications at the Federal, State, and Local levels
● To encourage and promote environmental awareness, health and safety, and to use the recycling of natural resources through practical and economically effective regulations
● Support and participate with other organizations in pursuit of accomplishing our mutual objectives
● Legislative and regulatory liaison to keep the industry informed of laws and regulations that will have an impact upon the asphalt pavement industry. Keep lawmakers and regulators informed of issues and concerns that may affect the industry.

APACA Facebook Page

APACA Twitter Page

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