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Asphalt Sealcoating with Kubota Tractor

[flickr video=5098964288 show_info=true w=500 h=375]
PA110090, originally uploaded by CenturyPaving.

On a recent asphalt sealcoating project, we took some video of our new sealcoating tractor in action. This tractor was custom made by Eberhard Equipment in Santa Ana, CA. We modified the squeegee to meet our specific requirements. So far the results have been amazing. The speed and power of the sealcoating tractor allows us to complete large jobs in a fraction of the time before. This allow our sealcoating prices to very competitive compared to the spray method of seal coat. In this video we are using “Overkote” sealcoat manufactured by Diversified Asphalt Products in Anaheim, CA. The surface has already been cleaned to allow for proper adhesion of the material. The operator manipulates the asphalt squeegee to move the material around to reduce the excess material.

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