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Winter Repairs to Perform or not to Perform?

The question always arises this time of year. Do I repair my asphalt now or wait until summer? That really depends upon two issues. First, does the current condition of my asphalt create a dangerous or unsafe condition to the public. Second, will I get a better and longer lasting job if I wait until the summer or spring months. Let’s tackle the first issue.

Asphalt potholes and cracks can create a hazardous situation for employees, customers, or the general public if they are not immediately repaired. Trip and fall lawsuits are most accident attorney’s bread and butter. Poorly maintaned asphalt surfaces are ususally not created overnight, it is usually years of negelect. The recent series of storm in southern California has only accelerated the deterioration in most cases. Best bet is to repair your most critical and high profile areas to reduce any potential liability issues. When the weather improves then its time to sit down and decide what long term repairs to make. Now let’s look at issue two.

Generally speaking, winter is not the most optimal time to perform routine maintenance repairs such as sealcoating and skin patching. The problems occur when the ground temperature is too cold to perform these types of maintenance repairs. With cooler temperatures and shorter daylight hours sealcoat, for instance, simply takes a long time to dry. If conditions are shay it may take days for some areas to dry and cure out. Your best bet is to wait until the spring months to consider sealcoating. If however, you are considering major repairs such as removal and reconstruction the only word of caution is to monitor the weather and ensure your project will be completed on time. Perhaps the best benefit is that most asphalt contractor are busy during the summer months and therefore your best deals will often be found during the winter.

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